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Newyea Help Hainan Free Trade Zone, Free Trade Port Construction and National Investment Power, Hainan holding joint construction of new energy car charging stations

Newyea Help Hainan Free Trade Zone, Free Trade Port Construction and National Investment Power, Hainan holding joint construction of new energy car charging stations


On August 3, Hainan holding Haikou International Trade Jinzhou Road (Guohui City) new energy car charging station held a ribbon-cutting ceremony, announced the official operation. This is the first charging station project completed since the establishment of Hainan Sea Control Intelligent Energy Co., Ltd by Xinpai Group and Guotuo Power Holdings Co., Ltd and Hainan Sea Control Energy Co., Ltd.

Li Xiaogang, deputy secretary and general manager of Hainan holding Party Committee, Wang Yuxing, secretary and chairman of Hai control energy Party Committee, Zhou Bangdong, deputy general manager of Guotuo Guangxi wind power, and Jinquan, executive deputy general manager of Xinpai Group, attended the ribbon cutting ceremony.

Speech by Li Xiaogang, Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee and General Manager of Hainan Holdings

Hainan Holding Haikou International Trade Jinzhou Road (Guohui City) New Energy Vehicle Charging Station

Hainan holding Haikou Guomao Jinzhou Road (Guohui City) new energy vehicle charging station is located in Haikou City Longhua District Guomao Jinzhou Road Guomao Automobile City, is built by Hainan Sea Control Intelligent Energy Co., Ltd (hereinafter referred to as "Hainan Sea Control ") public fast charging station, is also Hainan Sea control the first large convenience new energy vehicle charging station. charging station points are equipped with 21 fast charging parking spaces, equipped with 11 dc charging piles, all of which are 120 KW dc charging piles, which can meet the charging demand of 500 new energy vehicles every day.

Huang pointed out: in June this year, Hainan Province issued a new energy vehicle development plan, again emphasizing that it will no longer sell fuel vehicles in 2030, which is a high demand for Hainan as a strategic highland for the development of the national new energy vehicle industry.

Newyea Group Executive Vice President Gold all interview Hainan TV

For all charging pile companies this year, ushered in the industry's biggest good —— charging piles are included in the national new infrastructure, for the project company sea control smart energy and Newyea group, this means to usher in the golden age of industrial development, we will be in a long-term continuous burst of tuyere. Taking this opportunity, the Newyea constantly tamp internal work, from the equipment, platform, service, planning and layout constantly improve their own development requirements, in human and resource allocation, continue to add code new competitive charging pile products research and development, and gravity layout charging station operation end overall configuration, in order to better provide quality protection for the Newyea and all partners win-win development. Similarly, from the beginning of Hainan cooperation, Xinpai Group continued to expand the pace of market operation along the way to the north and south, with Xiamen as its headquarters, Hainan, Jiangsu, Henan, Guangdong as an important position, the market to do deep, do work, do thorough, with the project companies to increase the strength of market business expansion, and continue to make new breakthroughs, has landed charging station projects in more than 20 cities across the country.

Next, Hainan sea control intelligent energy will rely on Hainan sea control, national investment power, Newyea group tripartite resources advantage, continue to promote the construction of charging infrastructure in Hainan province, help Hainan free trade zone, free trade port construction. Ten new energy car charging stations are expected to open in Haikou by the end of the year.

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