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1.  Apply Scope
    This wireless charger receiver module specification shall be applied to Wireless charger 15W. Sensing distance of less than 10mm

2. Environment Protection Laws: RoHS

3.  According with Safety and EMC Criterion: WPC 1.2

4.  Safety and EMC Approval: CE / FCC

5.  Electrical Characteristic : Test Circuit 

  If the test is to be made on a specified circuit, be sure to use the following circuit.
15w wireless charging receiver

6.  15w wireless charging receiver's Work Mode:Electromagnetic induction type (single coil)

7.  Output Power:15W

8.  Effective working distance: ≤10mm (Recommended working 
    distance 3-5mm)
9.  Efficiency: up to 74% (5V output) up to 80% (9V output)

10. Working Frequency:110-205KHz

11. Output voltage: 5~14V (adjustable)

12. Work agreement:WPC1.2

13.  Intelligent detection: support 

      over current protection: support 

      over temperature protection: support

14. Overvoltage protection: support
      Rated output current: 1.7A
      Overcurrent protection value: 2.0A
      Over-temperature protection value inside the chip: 150℃

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