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5W transmitting chip, single coil

Newyea provides you the suitable wireless charging solution !
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Product Feature

NY7501G-1 is a highly integrated transmitting chip for wireless charging developed based on NY7501G. NY7501G wireless charging chipset is a kind of transmitting chip for wireless charging that conforms to the Qi standard of Wireless Power Consortium (WPC), which can achieve 5W transmission power for standard wireless charging. Packaged in QFN44-0505X075-0.35, it is integrated internally with signal demodulation, as well as multiple protections. Featured with foreign object detection (FOD), over-voltage protection (OVP), over-current protection (OCP) and other protection functions, it can effectively ensure the safety of wireless charging.

NY7501G-1 wireless power chip is suitable for 5W monocoil transmitting terminal scheme for wireless charging, with good compatibility. Due to its area of only 5mm*5mm, it has high design flexibility, making it be embedded into the products more easily.

wireless power chip

Product Specification





Number of Coils


Working Mode

Electro-magnetic Induction

Working Voltage range


Transmission Power


Working Frequency




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