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14th Shanghai International Charging Facilities Industry Exhibition

14th Shanghai International Charging Facilities Industry Exhibition


On August 26, Newyea Technology launched the 14th Shanghai International Charging Facilities Industry Exhibition with six smart charging pile products and various intelligent charging service solutions.

On the first day of the exhibition, the Shanghai New Energy Automobile and charging facilities Industry Development Forum was held in the conference room M27 Shanghai New International Expo Center E4 Pavilion! Forum site, known as the "Academy Award" of the charging pile industry, the "Golden pile Award" award ceremony held at the same time, the Newyea technology with its own strength to win 2020 China's top ten charging facilities innovation enterprises.

Newyea has been adhering to the "pragmatic innovation focus excellence" core values, research and development to customer satisfaction products and solutions. The "Golden pile Award 2020 China's top ten charging facilities innovation enterprises" award, is not only the Newyea of scientific and technological innovation ability, core independent intellectual property transformation ability recognition and affirmation, but also the Newyea of science and technology spur and incentive. Newyea Technology will continue to provide customers with leading innovative products and solutions, while continuously optimizing and collaborative innovation to provide customers with more responsive products and customized solutions.

On the afternoon of the 26th, at the 2020 Shanghai New Energy Automobile and Charging Facility Industry Development Forum, Ren Lianfeng, Technical Director of Xinpye Group, made a hard core sharing of "Outlook on the combination of Wireless charging and autopilot ", sharing and interpreting the charging pain points of existing autopilot products, the advantages of wireless charging and autopilot, and the Newyea technology wireless charging products, solutions and cases.

Hard core sharing, full dry

Ren Lianfeng pointed out that one of the major pain points of current self-driving products, such as self-driving vehicles and intelligent robots, is that the existing charging methods bring great safety risks and inconvenience to the charging in harsh environments. The combination of wireless charging and intelligent robot and autopilot can solve the constraint of the existing charging mode on the automation of intelligent equipment, and provide more freedom design space for intelligent robot and autopilot equipment. At the same time, it can solve the inconvenience and hidden danger of charging and improve the adaptability of charging environment.

At this event, Newyea Technology not only attracted the attention of many domestic and foreign merchants, but also became the focus of media attention as a few domestic providers of intelligent charging solutions for electric vehicles with wired + wireless.

In an exclusive interview with CCTV's "Quality" column, Mr. Jin Quan, executive vice president of Newyea Group, pointed out that "Product quality is the cornerstone of enterprise success, and improving product quality is the foundation of enterprise survival and development. How does the Newyea control product quality ?"

Huang said the Newyea has a complete quality team, strict implementation of the ISO9000ISO14000,ISO18000 quality management system, a full set of testing equipment in accordance with national standards, aging equipment, automotive simulation equipment, battery simulation equipment, the product in the production process and before the factory will be fully inspected.

In view of the Newyea's development plan for the next 3-5 years, Huang also gave a clear answer on behalf of the company. The company will continue to promote the research institute's mission of "taking the construction of innovation system as the core, devoting itself to the discovery and application of wireless power system, cultivating innovative and entrepreneurial leaders and promoting sustainable economic and social development ". Finally, it will form an international first-class innovation center, become an academic and technological highland, talent introduction and training highland, industrial incubation and innovation economic demonstration highland, play a leading role in national innovation and development, and in the scale of business development, the Newyea is determined to become a benchmark enterprise in the field of automobile wireless charging within three years, In five years to become a leading car wireless charging field enterprises.

At the exhibition site, the Newyea technology booth is popular, participants stop at the Newyea technology booth, visit and consult the Newyea products.

Exhibition staff fill Newyeas of technology booths

Field staff introduce Newyeas of smart charging pile products and smart charging solutions to foreign customers

Customer attention likes Newyea technology intelligent charging pile product

And with the Newyea to reach a preliminary cooperation intention

So far, the three-day Shanghai exhibition

End of the curtain

As an early domestic electric vehicle wireless + wired intelligent charging system research and development, production, operation integration of enterprises, Newyea technology has landed in many cities around the world more than 20 charging station projects. In the future, Newyea Technology will always adhere to the core values of "pragmatic innovation, focus on excellence, hard work and dedication, win-win cooperation ", all the way to create value for users as the starting point, technology innovation as a foothold, in order to provide users with safe and convenient intelligent charging solutions for electric vehicles, with better energy products, accelerate the arrival of a new era of intelligent energy, Together with global partners to promote the formation of intelligent transportation and intelligent energy integration and development of a new pattern!

About Newyea Technology -- Newyea Technology is an enterprise that has developed, produced and operated an integrated wireless + wired intelligent charging system for electric vehicles earlier in China. The company focuses on the overall solution of intelligent charging for electric vehicles. At present, it has six series of intelligent charging pile products, including wired wireless integrated pile, DC pile flexible charging pile, streaming media charging pile, AC, DC charging pile, mobile charging vehicle, wall mounted DC pile. Under the background of the national strategy of new energy vehicle and the policy of the development of new infrastructure charging pile industry, Newyea Technology has launched innovative and diversified business service models, customized products and solutions to serve all kinds of resources and cooperative customers.

As a provider of intelligent charging solutions for electric vehicles, Newyea Technology makes full use of charging infrastructure as a medium for the integration of information infrastructure and infrastructure, connects the energy, information and value links of consumer electric vehicles and supply-side energy Internet, and connects the facilities, data and services of electric vehicles and intelligent transportation.

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