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Charging pile ushered in "blowout period"! In 2025, charging piles across the country will achieve full coverage!

Charging pile ushered in "blowout period"! In 2025, charging piles across the country will achieve full coverage!


With the rapid development of China's electric vehicle market, the number of electric vehicles is increasing rapidly, and the demand for electric vehicle charging is also increasing. Perfecting the construction of supporting charging infrastructure will help alleviate consumers' anxiety about the mileage of new energy vehicles. The ways to supplement new energy sources of automobiles also show the trend of diversification and scenes. The charging subsidy policy introduced in many places across the country,supporting residents to build intelligent charging piles in residential areas and other measures, have greatly alleviated the problem of difficult charging of new energy owners.After the charging pile has been adjusted to the new infrastructure in 2020, the policy has been supported all the way, and the green light of the market construction has been released all the way.Up to now, nearly 100 policies on new energy vehicles and charging piles have been issued nationwide, and with the development of the market and the support of mature practical experience, the policy issued is more and more detailed and precise, from general to specific, it will be easier to push forward quickly when it is reflected in the market. rules to follow, and well-documented policies are the characteristics of the 14th Five-Year Plan policies introduced by various localities and fields:In August this year, the Action Plan for Accelerating the Construction of Charging Infrastructure along Roads issued by the Ministry of Communications and other departments also mentioned that by 2025, the national highways will be fully covered by charging piles. In October, Chongqing Municipal Government launched the Action Plan for Promoting Infrastructure Construction and Service of Intelligent Networked New Energy Vehicles in Chongqing (2022-2025), which specifically mentioned that by the end of 2025, more than twenty-four thousand charging piles will be built,among them, there are 30,000 public fast filling piles and 200 power stations, which are moderately advanced, balanced in layout, intelligent and efficient. Service system of charging and replacing electricity infrastructure based on.In the Beijing Municipal People's Government's "Beijing Urban Management Development Plan during the 14th Five-Year Plan", it is also proposed that, by 2025, Beijing needs to accumulate no less than fifty thousand internal charging a total of not less than sixty thousand charging piles for public use,build no less than 20 demonstration stations for charging boutique services, etc.Shanghai, known as the "Magic Capital", has also given a clear plan in the "Implementation Opinions on Further Promoting the Construction of Charging and Replacing Power Infrastructure in this Municipality" issued. By 2025, it will meet the charging demand of more than 1.25 million electric vehicles, and the ratio of vehicle to pile in the whole city will not be higher than two to one.In addition, before the end of 2025,Guangzhou will build four thousand five hundred charging stations and two hundred and fifty thousand public charging piles;Ningxia will plan to build six thousand charging piles, which can meet the charging demand of about 30,000 electric vehicles; Hebei Province has made it clear that the construction of public charging piles will reach a total target of one million. The ratio of the number of new energy vehicles promoted in the market to the total number of charging piles is higher than three point five to one;More than 800 comprehensive energy supply service stations and more than eighty thousand public charging piles will be built in Zhejiang. Under the dual effects of policy support and market demand, the network construction of electric vehicle charging facilities in China has significantly accelerated. With the continuous improvement of the penetration rate of new energy vehicles in the future, the construction and improvement of infrastructure will be accelerated, the charging pile industry will further develop and expand, ushering in a real "blowout period".


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