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[Exhibition Review] Dr. Sha Jinming was invited to attend the World Wireless Charging Conference to discuss new global opportunities for wireless charging.

[Exhibition Review] Dr. Sha Jinming was invited to attend the World Wireless Charging Conference to discuss new global opportunities for wireless charging.


The "2022 World Wireless Charging Conference" officially kicked off in Nanchang, Jiangxi last week. As an international wireless charging industry conference created by Nanchang Municipal Government, experts, scholars and business representatives from the global wireless charging industry chain gathered in Nanchang to show the latest achievements, cutting-edge technologies and latest products in the field of wireless charging.

As one of the important activities of this conference-WPC Wireless Charging Roundtable Forum. Dr. Sha Jinming, technical consultant of Xiamen Newyea Group, was also invited to participate, and discussed the present and future of wireless charging on the current hot issues.

WPC wireless power consortium, founded in 2008, is a cooperative organization composed of several independent companies. It aims to create and promote the wide adoption of the international wireless charging standard Qi compatible with all rechargeable electronic devices in the market. Sha Bo served as the marketing chairman of WPC Greater China; Participated in A4WP and WPC standards organizations. Therefore, he also expounded his views on WPC wireless power consortium organization at the scene.

"China is the largest wireless mobile communication market in the world. Among WPC organizations, 40% members are enterprises in China. Therefore, only when China's enterprises become bigger and stronger, can we be more and more confident, speak out more internationally and participate in the discussion of international standards. WPC allows more and more consumer electronic products and products with different power segments to have standards to follow, realizing the compatibility of wireless charging technologies, and enabling people to achieve real freedom of energy access across products in their lives. At present, Newyea Microelectronics will assist customers in completing Qi certification for consumer electronics such as smart wear and mobile phones. "

In addition, "the development of wireless charging technology for electric vehicles" has been a hot topic in the industry in recent years, and experts at the scene have also expressed their own views on this topic. Shabo explained several common powers of wireless charging of electric vehicles on the spot, and also introduced the advantages of wireless charging of electric vehicles.

"Actually, at present, the wireless charging power of 3.7kW, 7.7 kW and 11 kW that we have defined is more convenient for the popularization of home wireless charging. In terms of wireless charging, we currently recommend that wireless charging of 11kW is enough. Because the wireless charging of electric vehicles is mainly to solve the stability of fast charging, as well as the problems of rapidity and convenience. If you want to achieve higher power, such as 60kW power, the whole equipment will become very big and heavy. Then the advantages of wireless charging are offset by increasing the weight and cost. Therefore, I personally think that the wireless charging power of our passenger car class is 11 kW enough. Now, our Newyea group is also making wireless charging products for 11 kW electric vehicles. At present, it has jointly developed products with the top 100 auto parts suppliers in the world, and will soon be available. Finally, it will push the products to major OEMs through this brand. "

Wireless charging is the representative power technology of the new scientific and technological revolution. With the arrival of new energy vehicles, electric bicycles, robots, intelligent terminals, VR, etc., it will become the key technology to drive the development of wireless charging and industrial transformation and upgrading, and change the way of human energy transmission. The development of wireless charging industry has great potential and prospect, which will certainly promote Chinese and foreign enterprises to actively participate in and study this market.

This time, the "World Wireless Charging Conference" also attracted many well-known brand enterprises at home and abroad to attend. Xiamen Newyea Microelectronics also brought a variety of exhibits to the exhibition. Newyea Microelectronics, as an early enterprise in the industry to establish and study wireless charging, has been making efforts in the research and development and industrial application of small and medium-power wireless charging chips and solutions for these years. At present, the company has established strategic cooperative relations with many well-known brands such as Cisco, Huawei, Lidaxin, Greenlink Technology and CRRC.

The three-day exhibition has ended! Thank you for your support to Newyea Microelectronics. We look forward to meeting you again at the "Shenzhen 2022 (Winter) Asian Charging Exhibition" on November 23-25!

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