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Newyea Technology won the Top Ten charging pile Brand of Xiamen parking Industry Association 2019

Newyea Technology won the Top Ten charging pile Brand of Xiamen parking Industry Association 2019


On August 14, Xiamen parking Industry Association held the second first General Assembly and 2019 industry top ten and outstanding individual recognition activities, and held the 2019 Xiamen parking Industry Association top ten charging pile brand award activities. Newyea technology with its own strength to obtain 2019 Xiamen parking Industry Association top ten charging pile brand.

Newyea Technology won the Top Ten charging pile Brand of Xiamen parking Industry Association 2019

Xiamen parking Industry Association of 2019 10 best charging pile brand selection activities for Xiamen parking Industry Association, the selection and solicitation activities began at the end of last year! After public voting, industry associations, experts and media representatives jury review and other aspects of the selection, the Newyea technology was finally successfully shortlisted and won the 2019 Xiamen parking Industry Association top 10 charging pile brand.

Xiamen Newyea Technology Co., Ltd. focuses on the intelligent charging solution of electric vehicles, is an early domestic electric vehicle wireless + wired intelligent charging system research and development, production, operation integration of enterprises. The company has a mature electric vehicle wireless charging product technology, industry-leading intelligent charging pile products, intelligent charging integrated service operating platform and strong financing capacity. in the field of intelligent charging pile, there are six series of charging pile products —— dc charging pile, ac charging pile, streaming media charging pile, mobile charging car, flexible charging pile, wired wireless integrated pile series, widely used in different application scenarios of electric vehicle charging system, such as public charging station, public parking lot, residential parking lot, energy storage charging station, etc.

Newyea Technology Six Series Intelligent Charging Piles

In the context of the national strategy for new energy vehicles and the policy for the development of the new infrastructure charging pile industry, the Newyea, with innovative and diversified business and service models, customized products and solutions, serving resources and cooperative customers, giving full play to the charging infrastructure as a medium for the integration of information infrastructure and other infrastructure, opening the energy, information and value links of consumer electric vehicles and supply-side energy Internet, and opening the facilities, data and service links of electric vehicles and intelligent transportation, so that the charging infrastructure can be upgraded from ordinary energy facilities and vertically to energy inclusive infrastructure, Horizontal upgrading to intelligent transportation infrastructure, promote the formation of intelligent transportation and intelligent energy integration and development of a new pattern.

In the field of "new infrastructure" charging pile, Newyea technology has established strategic cooperative relations with many state-owned enterprises, central enterprises and listed companies. Up to now, project companies have been set up in Guangdong, Jiangsu, Henan, Hainan and Xiamen.With the determination to "make the market deep, do the work, do the thorough ", take Xiamen headquarters as the center, take Hainan, Jiangsu, Henan, Guangdong as the important position, the Newyea science and technology has made the new breakthrough unceasingly, has now landed the charging station project in more than 20 cities in the country.

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