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Zhou Zuchao, President of Yulin Trade Promotion Association of Guangxi Province, and his party to Newyea Group

Zhou Zuchao, President of Yulin Trade Promotion Association of Guangxi Province, and his party to Newyea Group


March 23, Yulin City Council for the Promotion of International Trade, the city's foreign investment center director Zhou Zuchao, Yuchai New Energy Automobile Co., Ltd. marketing company deputy general manager Hu Ke, and other parties to Xiamen Newyea Group for inspection and negotiations. Newyea group executive vice-president of gold and other people to warm reception.

In recent years, Yulin City has taken active measures to compile a perfect network layout of new energy vehicle piles, but still can not meet the needs of urban new energy vehicles. In order to promote the sales of new energy vehicles represented by Yuchai new energy commercial vehicles in Yulin and its surrounding areas, and to speed up the construction of charging stations and expand coverage.

As China's largest internal combustion engine production base, Yuchai Group, also in order to meet the development of the times, to expand and strengthen the industrial chain of new energy vehicles, in 2017 set up Yuchai New Energy Automobile Co., Ltd. This is also an important part of the transformation and upgrading of Yuchai Group. Yuchai pure electric commercial vehicle mainly takes the city logistics vehicle, the sanitation special purpose vehicle, the special purpose vehicle as the breakthrough point, relies on the Yuchai existing new energy power research and development, the new energy vehicle production aspect superiority resources, in the future will form the annual production 50,000 pure electric commercial vehicles comprehensive new energy vehicle production base.

On the same day, Mr. Jin Quan, executive vice president of Newyea Group, made a detailed introduction on the overall development of the company, the development and application of intelligent wired and wireless charging technology, the operation of intelligent charging integrated service operating platform, and the development of the group charging business project in the national market.

Zhou Zuchao, president of the Yulin Municipal Council for the Promotion of International Trade and director of the city's foreign investment center, fully affirmed and highly appraised the achievements of the Newyea group in the field of intelligent charging technology and the new energy vehicle charging market. The two sides made in-depth exchanges on the landing cooperation of the city-level charging project company and the planning of the construction of charging facilities in Yulin and even Guangxi provinces.

In the afternoon, the delegation of Yulin Municipal Council for the Promotion of International Trade also went to the Newyea in Zhangzhou Hua'an intelligent charging pile industry research and development base.

Newyea intelligent charging pile production base is located in Zhangzhou Hua'an, covering an area of 256 mu, building area of nearly 110000 square meters. Production and research base independent R & D independent production, strictly abide by the quality control system of each link of the inspection, to ensure the quality of production links, from technology research and development to the product factory throughout the strict prevention of quality, production capacity to ensure the best protection of customer interests.

After this in-depth exchange, the two sides will adhere to the principle of "complementary advantages, resource sharing, win-win cooperation ," the gradual implementation of the work and cooperation to promote.

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