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Si Ming District Party Secretary Liao Watson and his party to the Newyea group investigation and inspection of party building

Si Ming District Party Secretary Liao Watson and his party to the Newyea group investigation and inspection of party building


On March 16, Liao Huasheng, secretary of the Siming District Committee, Zhang Gu, member of the Standing Committee of the Siming District Committee and head of the Organization Department, and other relevant leaders visited the headquarters of the Newyea Group to investigate and investigate the work and development of party in enterprises

Dr. Lin Guijiang, secretary and chairman of the Party branch of the Newyea Group, first introduced to the research group the intelligent wired wireless integrated charging demonstration station established by the Newyea Group in Xiamen and Sheng Building, and visited the demonstration of wireless charging of electric vehicles on the spot.

Subsequently, the research group listened to the Newyea group's party building work report, detailed understanding of the group in the intelligent wireless charging industry development.

After listening carefully to the report on the development of the enterprise by Dr. Lin Guijiang, secretary of the Party branch and chairman of the Newyea Group, Secretary Liao Huasheng fully affirmed the leading role of the Newyea Group as an industry pioneer for new energy enterprises.New energy, as an emerging industry, is now accelerating and entering a new cycle of growth, he said. Both the overall market environment and technological progress have created good conditions for the development of enterprises.

At the same time, Secretary Liao also highly agreed with the Newyea group's measures to strengthen party building guidance, promote enterprise development, and pay attention to the linkage between government and enterprise. He hoped that the two sides would further deepen their understanding and actively seek deeper and wider practical cooperation in the field.

In April 2017, the Newyea group party branch was established. There are 22 party members.Since the establishment of the branch, the company has always adhered to the party building to lead the development of enterprises, combined with the "pragmatic innovation, hard work dedication, win-win cooperation" corporate culture, committed to create "exhibition Newyea" party building brand, give full play to the exemplary role of party members vanguard, in the field of wireless charging difficult, pioneering and innovative, has achieved fruitful results.

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