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There are problems to be solved in battery replacement and charging.

There are problems to be solved in battery replacement and charging.


With the rapid development of China's new energy automobile industry, energy supplement has become the focus of car owners. In order to encourage the construction of energy supplement facilities and promote the development of electric vehicle industry, recently, favorable policies for charging and replacing electric infrastructure construction have been frequent in various places. In September, Shanghai Municipal Development and Reform Commission and other ten departments jointly issued the "Shanghai Measures for Encouraging the Development of Charging and Replacing Facilities for Electric Vehicles", proposing to give financial subsidies to qualified charging facilities, owners' meetings and electric taxi drivers who support the construction and use of charging facilities; In the same month, Guangzhou Municipal Bureau of Industry and Information Technology issued the "Three-year Action Plan for Accelerating the Construction of Electric Vehicle Charging Infrastructure in Guangzhou (2022-2024)", and put forward a number of charging and replacing facilities construction objectives.

In recent years, China's charging and replacing technology has continuously broken through, which has strongly supported the development of electric vehicle industry, but there are still many "blocking points" to be cleared.

The scale of charging piles has increased greatly, and the rational layout is still the key.

After years of development, the scale of China's charging pile industry has been expanding, and it has basically been able to meet the needs of the rapid development of electric vehicles. According to the data released by China Charging Alliance recently, from January to September this year, the charging infrastructure increased by 1.871 million units, of which public charging piles increased by 106.3% year on year and private charging piles built with vehicles increased by 352.6% year on year. As of September this year, the national charging infrastructure has accumulated to 4.488 million units, a year-on-year surge of 101.9%.

In this regard, Zhang Xiang, a researcher at north china university of technology Automobile Industry Innovation Research Center, pointed out, "At present, charging piles are given free of charge in some parts of China, which is equivalent to matching a charging pile with each car, which has driven the growth of charging pile market. In addition, many cities allow car owners to park for 1-2 hours free of charge or buy a car to pay for charging, which effectively improves the enthusiasm of users to use public charging piles. "

However, there are still some problems in the charging market, such as long charging queue time in some areas and low utilization rate of some charging piles. Industry insiders remind that whether the layout of charging piles is reasonable is an important factor affecting the experience. Competent authorities should give full play to the role of big data in the planning of charging piles and make reasonable site selection.

It is extremely urgent to popularize the unified standard for the power change mode.

Besides charging piles, as another important energy supplement technology of electric vehicles, the power exchange mode is also quite hot in recent years. By changing the electricity, the electric vehicle can be "revived with blood" in a short time, which is one of the ideal solutions to solve the problem of too long charging time.

With the support of relevant policies, the number of power stations in China is increasing rapidly. According to the statistics of China Charging Alliance, as of June this year, there were 1,582 power stations in China. According to other statistics, by 2025, there will be more than 33,000 power stations planned and built by major enterprises.

However, at present, the penetration rate of power stations in China is far less than that of charging piles. As a typical heavy asset industry, at present, power station changing enterprises have not yet entered a profitable period. It is reported that the disunity of standards is the primary problem that restricts the development of the industry. The reporter learned that in order to gain market recognition, the power exchange mode needs a unified battery and power exchange standard. At present, the inconsistent size of battery packs in main engine factories is the main challenge faced by power exchange.

"Enterprises set up different power stations, and consumers can only go to car-buying enterprises to replace batteries, which is extremely inconvenient. If the power change mode is to be further developed, the problem of' unified standard' must be solved. " An auto industry expert who did not want to be named said frankly.

In this regard, Chen Hong, chairman of SAIC, has suggested that infrastructure standards such as charging and replacing electricity should be further improved, and technical standards such as management rules for separation of vehicle and electricity and quick charging and replacement should be clarified. "While ensuring safety and encouraging speed-up, it is necessary to avoid problems such as redundant construction of energy replenishing facilities of different specifications and incompatible charging and replacing interfaces."

It is worth noting that at present, local standards have been issued in many places to promote the unified standard of power exchange mode. For example, in June this year, Chengdu issued "Technical Standards for Charging and Replacing Electricity of Construction Equipment of Transportation Infrastructure" to implement standardization in core technical fields such as equipment structure and interaction of charging and replacing electricity; In July, Baotou Municipal Market Supervision Administration organized and passed the examination and approval of the local standard "Technical Specifications for the Construction of Electric Medium and Heavy Truck Sharing Exchange Station and Exchange Vehicles".

Fast charging technology is sought after to support the rapid development of the industry

In addition, the empowerment of the electric vehicle industry by technologies such as fast charging is also being strengthened. Since the beginning of this year, many new energy vehicle companies have made great efforts in super fast charging.

The industry believes that with the blessing of fast charging technology, the chronic diseases such as slow charging and difficult charging of electric vehicles will be alleviated. With the application of high-power charging technology, public charging stations are expected to realize "gas station mode". "Fast charging technology is expected to further improve the utilization rate of charging piles, and bring better benefits to operators and better user experience." Zhang Xiang said.

The analysis organization is also optimistic about the prospect of fast charging technology. Western Securities pointed out in the research report, "With the continuous growth of the production, sales and possession of new energy vehicles, the high ratio of vehicles to piles leads to outstanding problems such as' waiting for piles'. Many car companies have applied high-voltage fast charging, and the first year of fast charging is coming by the wind."

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