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The era of “no Guns” is coming! Electric cars drive to ‘eve of explosion’ with wireless charging

The era of “no Guns” is coming! Electric cars drive to ‘eve of explosion’ with wireless charging


In recent years, with the booming development of the new energy vehicle market, the demand index for charging infrastructure is increasing day by day. After years of policy support and market development, charging pile has become the mainstream of new energy vehicles. However, the current charging method of wired charging piles is too tedious, the charging piles are uneven, and the waiting time in the charging process is long, so the user experience is still not good enough, which cannot support the rapidly expanding market demand in the case of limited parking resources.


In recent years, with the rise of 5G, the development of intelligent connected vehicles, and the gradual maturity of driverless technology, wireless charging technology of electric vehicles has quietly developed, and the market is increasingly calling for more and more. It solves the disadvantages of wired charging to a large extent. At the same time, it can also greatly improve the user's car experience, paving the way for the last part of the future autonomous driving scenarios.


Wireless charging devices occupy less space and have higher charging convenience. The charging specification and interface can be completely unified. The vehicle can be charged automatically after automatic parking, more convenient operation. Can adapt to a variety of harsh environments and weather, but also reduce the risk of electric shock.


Second, this technology can also be a good solution to the battery life of electric vehicles. Dynamic charging technology for electric vehicles, which can charge their cars anytime and anywhere on the road, has greatly reduced the range anxiety of drivers. Wireless charging system facilities buried underground, it does not occupy the ground charging, which can realize unattended, and low maintenance cost in the later period.


Moreover, wireless charging is highly automated. The stop-and-charge charging mode can better realize automatic and orderly charging. Traditional large charging piles are not friendly enough for petite female drivers, either from the weight of the charging gun or the process of pulling the gun cord. However, the problem of inserting the charging gun into the charging port can be eliminated by using the wireless charging method. You don't need to do it yourself. You just need to click on the APP to charge, and it can automatically recharge the battery, making the charging experience better.


In fact, as early as last year, The General Office of the State Council issued the "New Energy Vehicle Industry Development Plan (2021-2035)", it was mentioned to "strengthen the research and development of intelligent orderly charging, high-power charging, wireless charging and other new charging technology". The Standardization Administration of China has also published relevant national standards for wireless charging of electric vehicles in China, standardizing all aspects of requirements for wireless charging system of electric vehicles in public and private application fields. Policy support and the introduction of standards provide guidance for the wireless charging technology of electric vehicles, strengthen industry management and guidance, further promote the popularity and application of wireless charging system, and help new energy vehicles enter the era of wireless charging.


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