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Residential EV 11KW Wallbox Charger

YEAH 2.0 Small EV Wallbox Originality Smart and Aesthetic
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1. The overall operating status monitoring, control and protection functions to ensure user charging safety

2.The built-in electric meter has a more accurate calibration standard current source to ensure the integrity and safety of customer charging data

3.Emergency stop button, nanosecond power failure protection to ensure charging safety

4.Professional smart meter measurement chip, calibrating electric energy measurement with only 0.1% error, reaching level 1 measurement accuracy

5. Swipe card, APP (scan code), key start and other startup methods, charging operation is smart and simple

6.The motherboard has strong expansion performance and can be connected to more smart devices

7.Operational version of single pile, support online operation, online settlement

8.  Support off-grid billing, key swipe card to start, fast and convenient charging

9.  Safe, efficient and stable comprehensive intelligent manufacturing upgrade, widely used in various public places such as business districts, communities, office buildings, campuses, etc.






  Product Name

Single phase AC pile

Product Type


Shell Material

      Black tempered glass panel, Sabic outdoor weather resistant PC940 material body





Installation Component

   Pedestal 260*200*1350mm (L*W*H) (Option)



Cable Length


Function Design

Indicator Light


Display Screen

4.3” LCD

Credit Card Function


Key Function


Communication Interface

485 Communication

Electrical Specification

Input Voltage


Input Frequency


Max Power


Output Voltage


Output Current


Standby Power Loss


Measuring Accuracy

1 Level

Environmental Indicators

Applicable Scene

Indoor / Outdoor

Operating Temperature

 -30 ~ +55

Operating Humidity

5% ~ 95% Without Condensation

Work Altitude


Protection Grade


Cooling Type

Air Cooling

Safety Standard

GB\T 20234NB\T 33008NB\T 33002GB\T18487


100,000 Hours

Special Protective Equipment

UV Proof Design

Safety Design

Overvoltage protection, Under voltage protection, Overload protection, Leakage protection, Earth protection, Over temperature protection, Lightning protection

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