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Newyea Competition 2020 China's Ten Brands Newyea Power New Infrastructure

Newyea Competition 2020 China's Ten Brands Newyea Power New Infrastructure


At the third meeting of the 13th National People's Congress on May 22, Premier Li Keqiang said in his 2020 report on government work that he would strengthen the construction of new infrastructure, develop a new generation of information networks, expand five G of applications, build charging piles, promote new energy vehicles, stimulate new consumer demand upgrade the industry.

Under the strong call of the country, all over the country is also in the introduction of new energy vehicle charging pile development plan:

Sanya, Hainan recently issued the "Sanya City electric vehicle charging infrastructure construction plan (2019-2030)", By the end of 2020, no less than 12200 charging piles (guns) will be built in Sanya. A total of 9 power stations have been built, No less than 164300 charging piles (guns) will be built by 2030. A total of 66 power stations were built.

And on May 7,◆, Shanghai officially released the Shanghai Action Plan for Promoting New Infrastructure Construction (2020-2022). In terms of "new terminals ", the Action Plan proposes to build 100,000 new electric vehicle intelligent charging piles, build about 45 taxi charging demonstration stations and build about 20 hydrogenation stations.

April 23,◆, Chongqing Energy Bureau said that the main urban non-commercial center area, northeast Chongqing, southeast Chongqing urban group charging facilities layout. In 2020, strive to build 7700 charging facilities, reached investment scale of 557 million yuan. By 2022, the electric vehicle charging service network with accompanying piles, moderately advanced, intelligent and efficient, and comprehensive coverage will be formed.

March 11,◆, the Tianjin Development and Reform Commission issued a notice on soliciting opinions on the "2020 residential district public charging pile construction implementation plan (draft for comments)". It is proposed that by 2020, all districts of the city will ensure the completion of 1000 public charging piles.

Liaocheng, Shandong Province ," on further strengthening and standardizing the Liaocheng electric vehicle charging infrastructure construction and operation management implementation plan "pointed out that by the end of 2022, the city's charging infrastructure holdings reached more than 4770, of which, more than 1190 public charging piles.

Shandong Jinan "on speeding up the implementation of the city's new energy vehicle charging infrastructure construction (draft for comments)" clearly combined with the current situation of Jinan charging infrastructure construction, optimize the "13th Five-Year Plan" goal, by 2022, the city's charging infrastructure has reached more than 16000, strive to break through 20000.

" Guangxi "energy network" infrastructure construction three-year war implementation plan (2020-2022)", 2020-2022, There are 20335 new charging piles and 58100 charging sockets for new energy vehicles in 14 districts and cities in Guangxi. Total investment 1.394 billion yuan, Three years ,1.394 billion yuan, It is planned to invest 796 million yuan this year.……

Following the other provinces and cities are also responding to the central call to continue to support the construction of charging infrastructure, the policy trend is good.

Technology is a few domestic electric vehicle wireless + wired intelligent charging system research and development, production, operation, investment in the integration of enterprises, is the state recognized high-tech enterprises, Xiamen recognized high-tech enterprises, focusing on electric vehicle intelligent charging solutions. In the field of electric vehicles, the Newyea technology is a few domestic electric vehicle intelligent charging pile research and manufacture, wireless charging intelligent system research and manufacture, charging operation energy data cloud platform, charging station overall solution, charging operation management and maintenance in the integration of enterprises. Under the guidance of the new policy, the Newyea follows the national policy and policy, formulates the strategy, actively distributes the charging pile national market, helps the new energy automobile charging pile industry to develop.

In the new round of policy dividend, the various capital also entered the charging pile market to compete one after another. China's recent 2020 charging and switching industry in the top ten brand selection activities have also become the major charging pile enterprises competition. In the latest round (5.18-5.22), the Newyea technology in the 2020 China charging and switching industry top ten brand selection activities.

According to the national development goal, by 2020, China will add more than 12000 centralized charging and switching power stations and more than 4.8 million decentralized charging piles to meet the charging demand of 5 million electric vehicles in China.

With the release of the market dividend of charging piles and the opening of trillion market space, the capital of all parties is accelerating into the charging pile industry. In the current charging pile industry, the Newyea of new energy car charging pile wealth forum, open the market of charging piles in the Central Plains, bring you the most complete investment analysis of charging stations and construction and operation ideas in the next ten years.

Newyea Warm New Energy Vehicle Charging Pile Wealth Forum

Time :14:00,28 May 2020

Venue: Paris Hall ,2nd Floor, Yonghe Platinum Inn, Zhengzhou

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Hotline :0371-68277777/6825555


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