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New energy equipment and domestic products lead the world, and the number of global buyers of charging piles has increased by 2.5 times.

New energy equipment and domestic products lead the world, and the number of global buyers of charging piles has increased by 2.5 times.


On December 1st, Alibaba International Station released the top ten commodities in 2022, with the new energy industry occupying three seats. According to statistics from Ali International Station, domestic new energy-related commodities have maintained a triple-digit growth for three consecutive years.

Among them, domestic electric bicycles and new energy charging piles are also riding this green low-carbon east wind, which is growing rapidly. On Alibaba International Station, the global hot search index of new energy charging piles has been rising year by year since 2017, especially since 2020. At present, the countries with the hottest search for new energy charging piles are Britain, Germany, Ireland, the United States and New Zealand. In 2022, the number of global buyers of new energy charging piles increased by 2.5 times year-on-year, and the transaction increased by 184%.

The data shows that in recent years, the product strength of China automobile industry has greatly increased, which has brought about a huge increase in exports. Four major industries related to automobiles have seen a surge: the rapid development of new energy vehicles has driven the demand for charging piles to soar; Cross-border e-commerce is becoming a new track for China automobile brands to go to sea, helping China manufacturers seize more overseas opportunities; China Pingti Auto Parts has become a global auto parts cost-effective supermarket; With the development of technologies such as autonomous driving and car networking, the demand for Chinese-made auto supplies in Europe and America has surged.

It is worth noting that the new energy industry not only flourishes in China, but also has a strong demand for new energy domestic products in overseas markets. Among the top ten commodities of the year, the new energy industry occupies three seats. According to statistics from Ali International Station, domestic new energy-related commodities have maintained a triple-digit growth for three consecutive years.

It is understood that the penetration rate of new energy vehicles in Europe and the United States is generally lower than 30% at present, and the subsequent sales volume will continue to grow rapidly. However, the charging piles in Europe and the United States are relatively insufficient, and the construction demand is urgent. Compared with the 3: 1 ratio of vehicles to piles in China, there is still a huge construction space. According to the data of Everbright Securities Research Report, as of April 2022, the vehicle-pile ratio in the US market is 21.2:1, and the overall vehicle-pile ratio in the EU is 8.5:1, among which Germany is 20:1, Britain is 16:1, France is 10:1, and the Netherlands is 5:1, all of which are far behind China. The charging pile infrastructure is seriously inadequate, and the gap contains huge market space.

Cui Dongshu, Secretary-General of the All-China Passenger Car Federation, also believes that although domestic charging piles are also facing a gap, it is more a land problem than a supply-side production capacity problem. Domestic charging pile enterprises urgently need an incremental market, which is the main reason for their speeding up to sea. Therefore, overseas markets may become a battleground for domestic charging pile manufacturers to digest production capacity.

According to public information, since 2022, many European countries have introduced specific policies, including subsidies for the construction of commercial charging piles and household charging piles, and the subsidies can cover the construction and installation costs of charging piles. Since August 2022, American states have also accelerated the construction subsidies for residential and commercial electric vehicle charging piles. For example, the single-station subsidies for household AC piles are concentrated in USD 200-USD 500, while those for public AC piles are concentrated in USD 3,000-USD 6,000. According to the agency's calculation, the subsidies can cover 40%-50% of the cost of purchasing and charging piles.

With the full implementation of charging pile subsidy policy in Europe and America in 2022, the construction of public and private charging piles in Europe and America is expected to usher in a big outbreak. Different from the cruel price competition in China, at present, in terms of price in foreign markets, the European and American charging pile markets are still considered to be in the blue ocean. The pricing of European and American charging piles is higher than that in China, and the pricing is two to three times that in China, with a larger profit margin. Therefore, for charging pile enterprises that have the ability to open up overseas markets, charging pile going out to sea has become a must.  

However, it is worth noting that not only domestic pile enterprises are targeting the European and American markets, but also Japanese and Korean head enterprises are entering the European and American markets. On November 16th, SK Signet, a subsidiary of SK, the second largest enterprise group in South Korea, announced in official website that it would build an electric vehicle charging pile factory in Plenot, Texas, with an annual output of more than 10,000 fast charging piles. At the same time, domestic pile companies are also facing competition from local giants. According to Guosen Securities Research Report, at present, the European new energy charging pile market is dominated by established electrical manufacturers ABB, Siemens and Schneider. As of 2021, ABB accounts for about 40% of the European market share in that year.

However, domestic charging pile enterprises have certain technical and cost advantages in international competition, and overseas markets are highly accepted by China enterprises. At present, some domestic charging pile related enterprises have applied cases or orders overseas. New technology charging equipment has been sold to 10 countries including Germany, Britain, France, Thailand, Poland, the Netherlands, Italy, Spain, Brazil and Singapore.

According to industry experts, in recent years, China's foreign trade has been growing steadily, and some categories such as new energy are particularly bright. It is not excluded that it is affected by short-term unexpected factors and hot events, but it is inevitable in the long run. With the increasing emphasis and operational capability of domestic businesses on cross-border e-commerce platforms, the sensitivity and response ability to capture unexpected demand in overseas markets have been greatly improved, and they can always "outperform" other countries' competitors in the first time and get market dividends.

Taobao shopping cart to see consumption, Ali International Station to see global consumption. On December 1st, Alibaba International Station released the Top Ten Commodities of 2022. Under the new situation of uncertain global trade, this list reflects the prosperity of China's export commodities, and also indicates the new trend of overseas consumption to a certain extent.

It is understood that since the beginning of this year, due to the soaring prices of natural gas, electricity and other energy sources, household solar energy has become a hot spot in the European market. Interestingly, because there will be subsidies for the installation of photovoltaic equipment, some European and American families regard the purchase of photovoltaic equipment as an investment rather than pure consumption. Because in many European countries, there is a subsidy for the installation of photovoltaic equipment by families. When the subsidy received by a family exceeds the purchase amount of photovoltaic equipment, the excess amount generated is regarded as the investment income of purchasing photovoltaic equipment.

China's overseas popularity of new energy products is a typical case of internal and external double circulation. With the help of digital platform, high-quality products with fierce domestic competition tap overseas demand. When the global industrial chain is impacted and fluctuated, China supply chain has played a very good supplement.

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