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All paddles to open a large ship ——2020 Newyea Group mid-year management meeting successfully held

All paddles to open a large ship ——2020 Newyea Group mid-year management meeting successfully held


On July 10-11, the management of Xinpai Group held a two-day mid-year closed meeting in Shili Lanshan tourist resort. This meeting is the group's semi-annual summary and strategic upgrading meeting, clear the main direction and focus of the group's development in the second half of 2020.

General Vice President of the Group

At the semi-annual marketing summing-up conference, focusing on the theme of "how to better support sales work ", product-based, market-oriented, improve the existing service system and explore innovative mechanisms, the functional departments stand in their respective responsible sectors, from the production delivery period, quality control, cost reduction and efficiency, technical support, marketing promotion and other oaths, to ensure that the sales team without worries in the front-end of the market to forge ahead, at the same time put forward a good rationalization of of sales work. And in view of 2020 this profound and special half year, the company each sales elite representative carries on the experience sharing to the achievement, at the same time emphatically carries on the self-analysis to the sale mistake and the insufficiency, the team management and the construction promotion. For the sales staff, the sales target is both pressure and motivation, we all said that on the basis of the first half of the year, through the expansion of sales areas and mining market segments, with the company's technical and policy support, in the second half of the year will certainly create new achievements.

Finally, Huang sent a message to the sales team: a strong company is sure to ensure and enhance the value of the sales team in various ways. The most popular sales system is not judged from the perspective of the company or sales team alone, must first create value and greater value for customers; must also take into account the balance of interests between the company and the sales team; and can ensure that the company is increasingly healthy and sustainable; ensure the survival of the fittest of the sales team, promote the personal and overall ability of the sales team and improve sales efficiency.

Mid-year management debriefing

In this management closed meeting, the executive deputy general gold all officially announced the group to build intelligent charging industry ecological closed loop of the latest upgrade strategy, development direction and stressed the importance of the group's sales business sector, the heads of various functional departments also made the first half of 2020 work summary, and the next focus of work. Huang for the second half of the detailed work of the functional departments to arrange the deployment and guidance, to ensure the sales target on schedule and over-achievement to provide the fullest support.

"Pragmatic innovation, focus on excellence, hard work dedication, win-win cooperation" has been the core concept of the Newyea group corporate culture, this mid-year closed-door management meeting, aimed at the creation of efficient collaborative organizations, the meeting carried out a full-staff performance appraisal system adjustment combing, aimed at building a sustainable development of talent team through a more scientific and reasonable, based on documented assessment policy. With the acceleration of the development of the group, the formation of the same desire, the pursuit of excellence team together, can continue to export the company's development power, in response to the market, peers and other external environment changes can be fearless in competition, invincible in the world.

Huang pointed out that the Newyea group has stood in the key node of seeking transformation and transcendence. In the face of the huge charging pile market space and the rapid growth industry of the new infrastructure, the group is gathering resources from all sides to strive for internal work. The proposal of the Newyea group's mid-2020 management meeting will provide ecological closed-loop protection for theNewyea group's intelligent charging industry. Ultimately, dreams and honors will belong to everyone who can truly innovate and share value with the situation.

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